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Over the years ABWAK has held many meetings and symposia and produced a number of publications to share knowledge and experience. Currently we are reviewing our merchandise but hope to have a new line in clothing for sale as well as new titles for the publications range.

How to order?
We recommend that you check by emailing or in writing to ensure that items are in stock and remain unaltered before ordering.

The goods will be dispatched on receipt of a cheque in pounds sterling made payable to ABWAK. Please write your address on the back of the cheque. Unfortunately we cannot accept payment by credit card. If resident in countries other than the UK please email your order to the above email address explaining which country the order is going to.

Credit will not be given. When you send your payment please be precise about the title(s) required, the number of copies etc.

Postal orders can be sent to Mairee Vincent c/o Leeds Castle Aviaries, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 1PL. Please state area goods are going to be dispatched to so an accurate postage and packaging fee can be produced. Postage and packaging is NOT inclulded in the price.

If you are a member of ABWAK please include your membership number on all communications.

Publications for sale
Ratel index: either alphabetical or yearly index of every article produced in Ratel over 33 years (Members: £10, Non-members £15)

Symposium CDs:
2005 Dudley Zoo Symposium 21
2006 Marwell Zoo Symposium 22
2007 Paignton Zoo Symposium 23
Disks are available as individual symposia proceedings or can include 2 years on one disk. All disks feature speakers powerpoint presentations but may not include all additional notes
(Members: £5, Non-members: £7)

Back issues of Ratel:
Back issues of Ratel are available throughout ABWAK's history. Some volumes may be out of print due to public demand, please email to check availability.
(£7 per issue of Ratel)

Environmental Enrichment Guidelines:
This A5 folder is 275 pages full of ideas for the most common taxa groups kept within captivity. Includes hoofstock, fish, reptiles, primates, carnivores, birds, canids, bears, felids, elephants, marine mammals.
(Members: £18, Non-members: £25)

Husbandry Handbook on Mustelids:
A 228 page handbook that includes species profiles on Weasels, Badgers, Otters and Skunks.
(Members: £15, Non-members: £20)

Management Guidelines on Exotic Cats:
A 154 page guideline book that has specific profiles for the majority of the felid family, includes enrichment ideas.
(Members: £15, Non-members: £20)

Management Guidelines on Bears and Raccoons:
A 174 page guideline book that includes husbandry, maintenance and breeding of all bear species and Raccoons and Pandas.
(Members: £15, Non-members: £20)

Historical Interest:
ABWAK has been running as an association for over 33 years and publications go back as far as 1976. Over the last year ABWAK council has been reviewing the publications and has made the decision that some publications will now only be available as historical interest. Over the course of 33 years much has changed within the zoo world especially with the introduction of SSSZG. Below is a list of publications and dates they were printed, for further information about these publications please email
Management of Ungulates (1976)
Management of Tropical Houses (1977)
Management of Polar Bears & Mammals (1978)
Management of Wild Cats (1979)
Management of Canids & Mustelids (1980)
Management of Reptiles & Amphibians (1981)
Management of Pachyderms (1982)
Management of Prosimians & New World Primates (1983)
Management of Cranes, Storks & Ratites (1984)
Management of Rodents (1985)
Management of Ungulates (1986)
Topics in Captive Wild Animal Husbandry (1987)
The Hand-Rearing of Wild Animals (1988)
Parrots in Captivity (1989)
Zoos Future Considerations (1990)
Reptilia & Amphibia (1991)
Passerine & Pigeon (1998)
(All above are priced as Members: £5, Non-members: £7 - please note some may be reproduced rather than original copies).

ABWAK is currently reviewing its clothing line and hopes to have new merchandise soon.

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